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  • Published : July 17, 2014
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Course Information and Policies
Summer I - 2014

COURSE TITLE: General Biology for Science Majors I- Lecture

INSTRUCTOR:Mrs. Shahdi Jalilvand, MS, PT

OFFICE TELEPHONE #:817-515-3134
OFFICE EMAIL:[email protected]


You must be registered for both lecture (Biol 1406 Lecture) and lab (Biol 1406 Lab). The lecture portion comprises 70% of the final course grade. The lab portion of the course comprises 30% of the final course grade. You must be registered for lab on the Southeast Campus.


Course goals are linked to required Core Curriculum Intellectual Competencies, Perspectives, and Exemplary Educational Objectives as defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Specific core requirements are linked to the class schedule.

Upon successful completion of this course students will:
1. Identify the basic requirements of life and the properties of the major molecules needed for life. 2. Compare and contrast the structures, reproduction, and characteristics of viruses, prokaryotic cells, and eukaryotic cells. 3. Describe the structure of cell membranes and the movement of molecules across a membrane. 4. Identify the substrates, products, and important chemical pathways in metabolism. 5. Identify the principles of inheritance and solve classical genetic problems. 6. Identify the chemical structures, synthesis, and regulation of nucleic acids and proteins. 7. Describe the unity and diversity of life and the evidence for evolution through natural selection. 8. Apply scientific reasoning to investigate questions and utilize scientific tools such as microscopes and laboratory equipment to collect and analyze data. 9. Use critical thinking and scientific problem-solving to make informed decisions in the laboratory. 10. Communicate effectively the results of scientific investigations. 11. Describe the characteristics of life.

12. Explain the methods of inquiry used by scientist.
13. Understand the importance of global cooperation and the development of plausible solutions to global issues in biology. This course will meet the Core Curriculum Objectives of Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, Empirical and Quantitative Skills, and Teamwork.


Lecture Textbook: Campbell and Reece, Biology. Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company, 10th edition. ISBN#: 978-0-321-77565-8.
Note: Students may use older editions of this text, however, most of the illustrations provided in the power point lectures are from the 10th edition.
Laboratory Manual: Wachmeister & Scott, Encounters with Life. 7th edition. Morton Publishing. ISBN#: 9780895826855.

Class Notes:
Lecture Notes and power points (PPT) are found for each lecture under Lessons in Blackboard.


Communication with your instructor and other students is highly encouraged. If you have any questions regarding your biology course please don’t hesitate to contact me in the following ways:

1. Office: Visit me in my office during normal office hours. If you are planning a special visit to the campus to see me, make sure you email me ahead of time to let me know. This way I can make certain to stay in my office and not be running errands around the campus. I would hate to have missed you! 2. Email: This is the preferred communication means if you are not on campus. I will check my email at least twice a day in the morning and afternoon M-F and sometimes on the weekends.

When communicating via Email, please make sure you indicate your name and the class you are taking with me. I will respond within 12-24 hours during the week. During the weekends and TCC official holidays communication is often very sporadic and should not be relied upon.

1. Send me messages via Blackboard Discussion Groups.

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