One Day

Topics: Suffix, Digraph, Love Pages: 4 (953 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Bich Ngoc Tran(Julia)

Graded Reader Assignment #2
“ONE DAY” by Helen Naylor

Plot Summary
Moreland road is a street in the city of Bath, England. Some of people live in this road are Jason- a seventeen year old boy and his mother, Nina Sen-works in bank and her husband-David works in a restaurant, Maggie and another one is Sam-work on a newspaper.

Jason’s father left him when he was five and he lives with his mother. He wants to study at art school. He felt so sad because his girlfriend says goodbye with him because she loved another person.

Nina works at bank and her boss asks her to be the manager of bank at Newcastle. If she says yes, her husband and her son must change work place and school, but they love their work place and school. However, they decided go to Newcastle with her.

Maggie loves a man call Xavier when she went to vacation at Chile last month. Her friend loves him too but Xavier only loves Maggie. She didn’t have any news about Xavier after she finished her vacation and she thinks Xavier is not a good boyfriend.

Sam- the men who works in a newspaper, has money problems. His job didn’t get enough money for his family and he worried about that. He needs money for his daughter goes to Norway with her class. He asks his brother to lend him money but his brother wants Sam find another job, a better job and he didn’t lend him money. Sam decided sell jewellery his mother gave him before she died. One thing he didn’t know, an old friend of him just died and he wrote in his will he wants to leave 50,000$ for Sam. The secretary of lawyer wrote a letter to Sam and took the letter to the post office.

But there was an accident, and fire was lost two big bags of letters, some of them were four very important letters for some people in Moreland road.

The school of art sent Jason a letter to offer him, Jason didn’t receive the letter and he called for school, they said he could take a place on next year.

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