4. Left Wing Extremism

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  • Published : August 30, 2013
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Note: I am an Leftist not a Centrist or Conservative
It seems that the Left is truly divided between the more moderate Social Democrats/Progressives and the Extreme Maoist, Leininst and Stalinist factions. Why Extremist Governents Never Succeed:
There is no room for flexibilty and hard line party guidlines always trumph what is the plausble choice in a situation, Being a Social Democrat myself I know from a balance point of view that many of the so called Communist Heroes were the worst muderers in History. Karl Marx- While many of his ideas are now a little fantastic, he was making an expirement, I believe he would be a Social Democrat in our time Lennin- I do not shower him with roses but it is my opinion he was the best of the revolutionaries. Allowing the free market to exist while insituting forms of Public Services Stalin- Put a more extreme character of the U.S.S.R sending all opponents to Labour Camps Mao- While first being succesful, I despise him due to his Great Leap Forward and the Culture Revolution My favorite Politician of all time:

Frankiln Dealnor Rossevelt
32nd President of the United States 1933-1945
The New Deal was a near perfect ruling system, a newer version of these type of polices can be found of the New Labour Movement of the United Kingdom, I think the person who wrote in another essay that CNBC CNN and MSNBC were not real New Organzations has a truly clouded version of reality. MSNBC Talk show host Lawarnce O Donnel has even called himself a Socialist It is possible that the recent events of this year will trigger the end of the American Regean Revoultion and hopefuly open up a new age of Progressivm and Socialism. NOT ALL AMERICANS ARE BAD

Half of the United States is a Liberal/ Proggresive Society if not Socialist As for Bill Clintion and Don't Ask Don't Tell-
He was only trying to cater to the Center Right so America would not elect someone like George...