403115644c1I Never Have Thought He Should

Topics: History of painting, Painting, Cubism Pages: 3 (255 words) Published: November 11, 2014

1.I never have thought he should have the guts to have my daughter. 我從來沒想過他竟然有膽子追我女兒。

2.I don't trust him.He is always on the make and his artificial smiles make me sick. 我不相信他。他總是虛偽造作,他那假惺惺的笑容更是讓我作嘔。

3.Some people think one of the main reasons to go to college is to make connections.After graduation, everything depends on the old boy system.One's college buddies can help you the rest of your life. 一些人認為上大學主要是為了建立人脈。畢業之後一切都需要依靠過去的人脈網絡。而大學建立的人脈網可以使你一生受益。

4.People who come to this establishment are all after maximum turn-on effects.We must satisfy them. 到此店的人都是來尋找最大化的刺激的。我們必須滿足他們。

5.That was the beginning of the century, when psychedelic Cubist painting were the thing. 那是本世紀初,迷幻化立體派繪畫還很流行。

6.The spirit of the campaign against poverty dose not cost a single cent. It is a matter of vision, of sensitivity. 脫貧運動的精神不需要花費一分錢。重要的遠見與感同身受之心。

7.We (men) never believe we are as fat or as thin and bony as other people say we are. The ladies are free of all such illusions. 我們男人從來不覺得自己如同他人評價我們那般肥胖或者消瘦。女士們卻相反。

8.John is your friend as much as he is mine.

9.This has been our position, but not theirs.

10.All of the arrangements were a prelude to the ball, the hostess's ultimate prize. 所有的安排都是舞會的前奏,主持人最終獎勵的前奏。

11.We talked of ourselves, of our prospects, of he journey, of the weather, of each other--of everything but our host and hostess. 我們談論自己,談論我們的前途,談論他的旅途,談論天氣,談論每一個人,除了主人與他的太太。

12.Ignorance is the mother of fear as well as of admiration. 無知是恐懼的源頭,也是讚美之源。

13.Would you rather be well brought up and badly educated, or the opposite? 你想要被無微不至地撫育成人但受到劣質的教育還是相反?

14.What is feared as failure in American society, is , above all, aloneness. And aloneness is terrifying because it means that there is no one, no group, no approved cause to submit to. 美國社會排斥孤獨如同恐懼失敗。孤獨令人生畏,因為它意味著你不歸屬與任何一個人、群體。...
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