Area Microwaves Really Danserous to Microorganisms

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Are microwaves really dangerous to our organism?

Research Question: Are microwaves really dangerous to our organism? Student’s name: Giosue Melo
Year Group: 9°Bell
Date: 05/010/2012
Word count: 810

Everyday people are receiving microwaves radiation that come from satellites, phones, radars, computers, TV, etc. In this essay I will mention the effects of microwaves in human organism, does it affects humans in a positive or in a negative way? What are the aspects of the organism that we have to think about if we analyze the effects of microwaves in humans? What are the long term effects of being exposed to microwaves? Are these effects reversible? There are several questions about the effects of microwaves in humans; this is because there is no a concrete answer, analysis and experiments are taking place still to answer: Are microwaves really dangerous to our organism?

Microwaves have a frequency between 300 MHz and 300GHz; this makes the microwave in a nonionizing radiation, this means that radio waves don’t have the sufficient energy to create a biological damage in our organisms. However there is a problem, heat produced by the microwaves when you are exposed at a long period of time can produce heating and burns, the result of this will not appear immediately because microwaves always heat deeper tissues with higher humidity

There is always going to be a reaction when our body is near a microwave emitted by a device, this is because our body is electrochemical in nature. This started with the Nazis that developed microwaves for mobile support operations. During 1950 the workers that had been exposed to development of radar, this radar produced microwaves, the workers suffered low blood pressure and slow pulse then the most common manifestation was high blood pressure, they also had headache, eye pain, nervous tension, stomach pain, etc.

Another effect of the microwaves is the microwave auditory effect or also known as the Frey effect,...
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