BC 405 Business Taxation

Topics: Taxation in the United States, Taxation, Tax Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: November 25, 2014
Model Paper
B.Com. Part 2nd
Course Code: BC-405

Annual -2012
Course Title: Business Taxation

Time Allowed: 03:00 Hours

Maximum Marks: 100

Roll No.……………….

Pass Marks: 40%

________________________________________________________________ Note:
Q. No.1

Attempt any five questions including Q#8, which is compulsory. All questions carry equal

Define and explain the following terms with reference to Income Tax Ordinance a) Company
b) Pakistan Source Income
c) Principal Officer
d) Resident

Q. No.2 what are the different types of perquisites enjoyed by the salaried individuals? Discuss. Q. No.3 a) what are the conditions laid down under the income tax ordinance for depreciation allowance?

b) Explain the conditions and rates regarding initial allowance for depreciation. Q. No.4 write short notes on the following:
a) Return of income as assessment
b) Provisional assessment
c) Amendment in assessment
d) Assessment of disputed property
Q. No.5
Discuss the composition of Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue. What are the functions performed by it?
Q. No.6

Explain the following with reference to Sales Tax Act, 1990. a) Value of Supply
b) Zero Rating
c) Sales Tax Return

Q. No.7 Mr. Muhammad Khurram is a registered manufacturer. Data regarding his business during August 2010 is given below:
1. Taxable turnover to registered person

Rs. 20, 00,000

2. Taxable turnover to non registered person
(including the Amount of Sales Tax)
3. Sales to Retailers

3, 00,000
2, 20,000

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4. Exempted sales

2, 80,000

5. Supplies to DTRE registered persons

3, 50,000

6. Zero Rated supplies

2, 00,000

7. Taxable purchases from registered person

3, 00,000

8. Taxable purchases from non registered person

3, 50,000

9. Taxable purchases from wholesalers

1, 90,000

10. Purchased raw material (used taxable...
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