Being the Best, the Right Way

Topics: Learning, Critical thinking, Skill Pages: 2 (697 words) Published: August 14, 2013
On Being the Best, The Right Way
GaNeane E. Lewis
August 11, 2013
Johannes Siemson

Information within the business world is a priceless commodity. How one uses this information will determine your success or failure in the business arena. Information within the world of academia is valuable in a different sort of way. How one obtains and presents information will also determine your success or failure. I believe that the combination of my personal Ethical Lens, my strengths in researching and presenting and my facility in critical thinking will be the foundation to my success as a student and in the business community. I found the Ethical Lens Inventory to be fairly representative of myself. My preferred lens is the Reputation lens, which is defined as “listen(ing) to your intuition (sensibility) to determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community (equality)” (Ethical Games LLC, 2013). It stated that equality and sensibility are my core values. I agree that I am compassionate and have a strong respect for tradition. I must ward against having unrealistic role expectations. If I lack compassion I will forget that problems affect individuals, not just a whole company. As I strive to be successful I must balance all of my character traits in an effort to improve my community, while not ignoring the needs of individuals. As a student, I expect my instructors to want the very best for us as students. As students I expect that for us as well. Cheating and academic dishonesty not only affect the individual, but it also diminishes the educational experience and learning process for everyone. I expect to learn alongside my classmates and to learn from them. If they are not doing their part in good faith, it makes my own experience less than ideal. The instructors are there to educate us. Sometimes this work is very time consuming. I want to think that my contribution to that process will be a well-written paper that is also...
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