Chanel Set Inspirational Goals

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  • Published : May 1, 2011
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Aley Carchi

Mr. Amato

February 22, 2011

World Literature

Chanel Set Inspirational Goals

In the early 1900’s, which was the beginning of the twentieth century, women had some

kind of rights, but certainly had no type of political rights. Women were set to be a person of

home and be attentive with their maternal duties. As for Coco Chanel, she didn’t change these

rights for women, but she helped make change for women during this time. Coco Chanel helped

make change with the inspirations, dreams, and goals she had set in life.

As a modest person Chanel had her ways of seeing beauty. Creating fashion her own

way, she made change with the kind of attitude she had, which was positive at all times. Chanel

not having the best qualities she would’ve liked as a child, she retreated her imagination with

new creations for the world during her time from being a child towards becoming a young adult.

From such a young age Chanel seemed to have a passion for fashion itself. As left as an orphan

at such a young age, nothing stopped her from learning how to sew clothing. So many

inspirations, her passion for clothing were vulnerable. Having her mind set, lead her to create

change to women’s fashion and not only that but, change for society itself. While women didn’t

have much rights, there was a right of women being allowed to work as a tailored. Chanel

of course took advantage of that opportunity. As she started from the very bottom, she kept on

moving forward. She didn’t have the sufficient money to dress like the high class, so she created

her own style. Chanel was able to open her own little shop because of a man she met who she

fell in love with. With that grand opening that where it all began (Mathews, 1-3, 11-13, 16-17).

As trying to succeed and making her own designs, her focus wasn’t to get involved in

society; her focus was to accomplish her goals of being unique with...