Communication Models

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Communication models

One of the key tasks of social marketers is to develop effective messages which provide individuals and organisations with the information required to achieve behavioural change. Communication represents the ‘transmission of information, ideas, attitudes, or emotion from one person or group to another’. There are many models and frameworks available to help with communications planning. The communication process involves: the sender, the message itself, encoding the message into a form which can be transmitted, e.g. written, oral; transmitting the message, the receiver, decoding the message, action.

Evidently, effective communication involves the ‘sender’ of the message in encoding and transmitting the information in a way which is relevant to the target audience. Secondly, the receiver must have the ability to decode the message and to recognise the intended meaning. There should also be: feedback, which should ensure that the receiver has decoded the message effectively by responding to the message in some way.

A final element is: noise, anything in the environment which impedes the transmission and decoding of the message, e.g. conflicting interests, pressure of work, too many other messages.

The communication transaction is the fundamental unit for building a sales and marketing system. The communications transaction is the simple and well-understood information theory model consisting of a sender, a receiver, a channel, and a message.

Sponsorship involves supporting an event or activity by providing money (or something else of value, such as product prizes for a competition). Usually in return for naming rights, advertising or acknowledgment at the event and any publicity and PR connected with the event.

Marketing Communication Mix

The particular combination of marketing tools that work together to communicate the marketer's message, to achieve the marketer's objectives, and to satisfy the target market...
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