Computer Information System Brief

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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Computer Information System Brief
Jeannie Earling
ACC/542 Accounting Information Systems
Sanders Moran
July 16, 2012

Kudler’s business and accounting information needs
Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food specialty store that provides consumers with an alternative to traditional grocery stores. It gives consumers options for shopping whether they are trying to find gourmet ingredients for a special meal or wine for a dinner party. Kudler has three stores in the following locations in the San Diego area: La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. The success of Kudler’s directly depends on the quality of the information available to management to allow them to make informed decisions regarding business needs. The information can be in the form of reports pulled from the accounting software, the more integrated the accounting software is into the business, the more useful it will be for management. Therefore the key business and accounting information needs that should be addressed when considering integrating technology into business operations are: * quality and relevant reporting, including segment versus company reporting, product profitability reporting and budget/forecasting reporting * integrated accounting software that easily provides the needed reporting When properly integrated, technology can increase a company’s bottom line and make for a productive business environment. Strengths & weaknesses of current computer system and technology use

Kudler hired Smith Sytems Consulting to install a REMS or Retail Enterprise Management System and they remain under contract to maintain the system. This system provides a basic stepping stone for Kudler’s, but as with any company there is room for improvement. The following bullets list the strengths and weaknesses for Kudler’s current computer system and technology use: Strengths

* Retail Enterprise Management system which currently includes four modules * General Ledger
* Accounts...
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