Computer Information System Brief

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  • Published : June 27, 2013
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Computer Information System Brief
June 17, 2013

Computer Information System Brief
Kudler Fine Foods is a locally owned upscale specialty food store located in San Diego that offers fresh produce, fresh meat and seafood, wines from around the world, bakery and pastry products, cheese and dairy products, condiment, packaged foods, and numerous special gourmet items. Founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler the store has grown quickly and has led to three store locations in Encinitas, Del Mar, and La Jolla. The company has experienced success since its inception and has the desire to continue its growth. To obtain further growth Kudler has shown interest in effectively integrating technology into its business operation. Detailed within are explanations of how computer systems may be more effectively integrated to meet and improve Kudler’s accounting operations. Kudler’s key business and accounting information needs will be identified, and strength and weaknesses of Kudler’s current computer system and technology use will be analyzed. In addition, an explanation of available opportunities and recommendations for Kudler will be provided and an evaluation of threats possibly encountered by Kudler’s current system will be shown along with suggestions. Key Business and Accounting Information Needs

As a growing grocery retail chain Kudler’s has key business and accounting information needs for forecasts, future growth, inventory, seasonal projections, and a great deal more. Kudler has basic business and accounting information needs for daily and annual business decisions, such as the company’s profits or loss, debt owed, or income to be received, payroll, expenses, inventory counts, and trends. Kudler requires data on how much inventory is available or sold, seasonal trends in purchases, balances due to vendors, and store purchases to name a few. To begin meeting many of Kudler’s business and accounting information needs Kudler recently selected a consulting firm to assist in the selection and installation of a comprehensive Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS) that was recently installed (Virtual Organizational Portal, 2007). The REMS meets many of Kudler’s business and accounting needs with five modules: general ledger module, accounts payable module, Point-of-sale (POS) module, bank reconciliation module, and security.

The general ledger module requires very little manual data entry, generates budgets, and reports budgets at store level, transaction detail, chart of accounts, financial reporting, and non-financial accounts. The accounts payable module provides check printing, tax and freight allocations, receives vendor modules directly, and has vendor codes and master files. The POS module has become an incredibly important tool to meet business and accounting needs because it captures and reports all retail sales in detail by item code, cost, price, time, station, clerk, quantity, and store (Virtual Organizational Portal, 2007). In addition, the POS module will send any pertinent data to other corresponding modules, and handles all credit, debit, and cash transactions. The bank reconciliation module reconciles checks, account balances, deposits, and assists in the analysis of cash flow. The REMS aides with security through its current imbedded security features, such as dollar limit, passwords, and limited access features (Virtual Organizational Portal, 2007). Although assets are not currently maintained in a module spreadsheet software is used to control and amortize the assets (Virtual Organizational Portal, 2007) . Current Computer System and Technology Strengths and Weaknesses

In this section the strengths and weaknesses of Kudler’s current computer system and technology uses are analyzed. The recently implemented REMS is a highly valued strength for Kudler. The different modules are capable of sending and receiving important data to each other daily resulting in updated records and reports important...
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