Computer Information System Brief

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  • Published : September 4, 2013
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Computer Information System Brief
October 30, 2012
Professor Michael Wells

Computer Information System Brief
The owner of Kudler Fine Foods has interest in integrating technology into its business operations and needs some help. The company has asked the accounting firm to prepare a brief that details how computer systems can help meet the needs of the business and improve the accounting operations. Included in this brief is the business and accounting information needs of the company. The brief will also detail the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current system, opportunities of technology to improve operations, and threats the current system may pose to the company. Last, the brief will offer suggestions to the company on bettering operations. Key Business and Accounting Needs

Kudler Fine Foods is a growing business; thus the needs of the company in terms of business and accounting are constantly changing. Some of the business needs include the need for a purchasing department, the need for an automated inventory and ordering system, and a website where customers can place orders. Other needs of the business include the need for more sales, advertising and marketing, and information technology. The company’s accounting needs consist of payroll, accounts payable and receivable system, accounting procedures, and security. Strengths and Weaknesses of Current System

Kudler Fine Foods currently uses a modular Retail Enterprise Management System that seems to be working for them. The system is user-friendly and simple to use. Currently, the system is not connected to the Internet so there is less chance of someone hacking into the system. The system is not networked, which is a weakness because every location is not sharing information with other locations. Therefore, accessing data from each location can be difficult. This also means every employee would manually have to update his or her workstation. The current system...
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