Concepts in Biology: Syllabus

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SYLLABUS Fall 2014

Dr. William Barstow, Room 401 BioScience, 706 542-3143, [email protected] Walk – in office hours: T, Th 1:00 – 4:00 or by appointment.

Dr. Kristen Miller, Room 402 BioSciences, 706 542-1681, [email protected] See Dr. Miller with questions regarding laboratory scheduling and or the laboratory program.

Ms. Yulonda Davis, Room 403A BioSciences, 706 542-1684, [email protected] See Ms. Davis for questions about quiz and exam scores, enrollment, withdrawals, exam scheduling.

INTERNET : The Biology Division homepage is: All Biology 1103 course material will be placed on eLC .

TEXTBOOK – Krough, BIOLOGY a guide to the natural world, 5th edition, 2011. Pearson Education Inc.

BIOSCIENCE LEARNING CENTER - Room 406 BioScience. Available in the BLC are: study tables, class notes on the "web" with links to related sites, interactive question modules, computer programs, and Internet access. BLC hours: Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 7:00 pm, Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

ATTENDANCE - It is important that you make every effort to attend all of the lectures. There is a high correlation between higher test grades and attendance. Please arrive on time and avoid leaving early. You are responsible for all lecture material and the assigned material in the text that is relevant to the topics covered in class. Preview the text before coming to class and have a framework for understanding the lecture material. After lecture read the parts of the text directly relating to lecture and review your notes before studying. You should study – at least – 3 hours for each 75 minute lecture. Attendance will be taken – unannounced - throughout the semester.

CELL PHONES AND TEXTING is a distraction to you, your neighbors and to the lecturer. Please turn off your cell phone before entering room 404E. Talking on your cell phone or text messaging during class is inappropriate behavior.

LAPTOP COMPUTERS are also a distraction to others in the class. Please put your laptop away during lecture. You learn best by creating your own handwritten notes.

EXAMINATIONS will be machine graded. YOU WILL NEED A #2 PENCIL for filling out the ScanTron forms. Exam scores will be reported to you on eLC. If you have any questions about your test scores, check with Ms. Davis in the Biology Office (room 403). You should have a #2 pencil with you for every class! (attendance/ exams). Memorize your 810 number – you will need it for quizzes, exams and attendance checks.

ACADEMIC HONESTY: “Whatever form it takes, academic dishonesty hurts everyone: It is unfair to other students, it diminishes the reputation of the University and the value of the degree it confers, and it can result in serious disciplinary action” (Dr. Robert Kirkman, Georgia Tech).

As a student of the University of Georgia, it is your responsibility to become familiar with, understand, and abide by the standards contained in “A Culture of Honesty”. Any person appearing to be academically dishonest will be reported to the office of the Vice President for Instruction. For more information regarding academic dishonesty, please consult “A Culture of Honesty” available on the web at Ignorance of these regulations is not a defense in cases of infringement. The penalties for academic dishonesty can be severe. So, JUST DON’T DO IT!

GRADES: There are four (4) fifty (50) question exams and a comprehensive final exam. Each correct exam question is 2 points (100 points/exam). Exams will have a total value of 400 points. The final exam will have 100 questions worth 200 points. Total points for the semester are 600. 20 or more extra credit points will be available through unannounced attendance checks and quizzes....
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