Course Outline - Taxation[1]

Topics: Tax, Income tax, Corporate tax Pages: 4 (1022 words) Published: August 20, 2013
BBA Program (Summer-2013)


Course Objective:
After successful completion of the course, students are expected to be able to: 1. understand the role of taxation in overall economic development of an economy 2. understand the place of taxation in overall fiscal policy of government 3. understand relevant provisions of the personal and corporate taxation rules in Bangladesh 4. independently assess the tax liabilities of personal and corporate entities  

Course Description:
Taxation laws by nature, a very complicated subject. The main principles of law are fairly simple but the difficulty arises in their applications. For economic development of a country, taxation system can be used as an important tool in the productive use of available resources, contribution towards budgets funds, direct investments, and control of economy. This course will address the role of taxation in overall economy of a country specially developing countries like Bangladesh. This course addresses personal and corporate taxation system prevailing in Bangladesh. The tax assessment and collection procedures will be addressed in detailed. Provisions relevant to submission of Tax return, filling of statement of assets and liabilities will be discussed. The important features of Value Added Tax and Customs Duties prevailing in Bangladesh will be covered. This course will be very much helpful for filing personal and corporate Income tax return as well as understanding of the Income tax rules and procedures prevailing in Bangladesh.

Teaching Methods:
In order to achieve success, it is vital that the course tutor and the students cooperate with each other in identifying areas, which may need further clarification. It is expected that classes will be proactive with contribution from all participants. Visual presentation (power point) will be used for better understanding of various topics in the course.

Required Text:
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