Curleys wife Journal

Topics: Profanity, Man, English-language films Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Journal Entry One
Two men arrived at the ranch today, pretty peculiar so I hear. A big ol’ fella named Lennie, and a short strong man named George. These guys aint like the others though, and im sure of it. They’s come here almost joined at the hip, at least that’s the way it seems. One of em’ can hardly talk, but they still the best of friends. And when I say the best of friends, I mean the BEST of friends. George, not to positive don’t have the faces in my memory yet, speaks for Lennie. I just think that’s the strangest thing in the gosh darn world. He won’t even give em’ the chance to say nothin’, he just blurts right on out what the big fella should be sayin, but he ain’t sayin’ nothin’. I’ll get to know them for sure though. I might even go on over there and peak my head in now as a matter of fact. Introduce myself that’s all; see if the word of mouth is true about these men. As true as true gets righ’ there. That big guy Lennie is as dumb as a door knob, everythin’ flies right over his head like he isn’t even there to begin with! Dumb or not, he seems like a shy, but nice guy. Even though he seemed a bit babyish, I still wouldn’ mind gettin’ to know him betta. Same goes with that George fella. Semi attractive, I must say myself, defined strong feature that man has. He didn’t seem too fond of me though. Even though im used to it, that shit still ticks me off. All them rowdy bastards’ jus’ turn their gosh darn heads the other way when they know I’m comin’. I’m not a bad gal at all. I give pleny attention to my husband that doesn’t even love me! Yeah, I gotta’ be a good gal, even though I aint treated like one, I gotta be. Curley certainly doesn’t appreciate how hard I try to be good to em’. I bet if he were to know about my visit to the bunkhouse he’d slide that diseased glove right off his han’ and slap me more than a few times. Maybe even ten times if he knew how Slim treated me on my way home. But the man s’all I got, his money’s...
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