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Moment of Truth
Aldo is the object that we chose to observe and study their customer service quality. Aldo is a private corporation that owns and operates a worldwide chain of shoe and accessory stores.

Based on our observations, we felt dissatisfied through its customer service for the following reasons: 1. POOR GREETING. The staffs are not greeted the customers immediately. Although they are busy with others, they still can give a smile and quick greeting, and tell them they will be attended to as soon as is possible.

2. POOR PERFORMANCE. The staffs had a gossip with the colleagues when they are serving the customers. So that they couldn’t respond quickly to the customer calling. This reflects that they are not paying attention during them working.

3. POOR MANAGEMENT. The manager talking on the phone loudly. Firstly, he/she did not fulfill his/her responsibility for managing the staffs. Secondly, he/she did not pay respect to the customers who are consuming in the shop. Thirdly, he/she used the working hours to do his personal things.

4. ATTIRE PROBLEM. Some of the staffs dress untidy. At first, they already gave the customers a bad image. This issue will cause those customers lose their confidence to the service quality of the shop.

5. LACK MOTIVATES CUSTOMERS TO INVOLVE IN THE SERVICE. The staffs did not introduce the new arrival products to the customers. Besides, they also did not explain the characteristics of the products in detail to them. Apart from this, they served the customers in order to sell the products to them rather than fulfilled their original responsibilities of delivering an excellent service.
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