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Big bazaar runs SAP( one of the leading ERP solution provider. ERP means enterprise resource planning- a software solution for various activities like inventory management, billing, supply chain management etc)

Billing Software / Payment counter

The billing software that they use is good, though we need to be extra careful while the items we purchase are being billed. The executive at the counter most probably is extremely busy and tries his best to type in as fast as possible ending up in putting up wrong quantities…. Also be sure about the price of the particular item you have selected as they DO NOT HAVE REFUND policy. They don’t provide “cash back” services neither do they reverse your credit card entry…. All they do is issue credit notes worth the price of products you want to return. And please keep in mind that the validity of such credit notes are extremely low.. I had to almost fight with them to extend the validity till 45 days… All they offer is 15 days in most of the cases!!

E-Naxos DataGen
E-Naxos DataGen is a test data generator is a software that can fill a database with meaningful random data to:Test the behavior of an existing customer.

Database is formed through the issue of future card and card is of three types silver card, gold card and sakthi card. Sakthi card is issued to ladies and this card provides, free sugar(1 kg) per month. Customer profitability analysis (CPA) is done on the basis of transactions made through the future cards. oPlatinum customers (most profitable).

oGold customers (profitable).
oIron customers (low profitability but desirable).
oLead customers (unprofitable and undesirable).

Differentiate customers in terms of: (1) their needs and (2) their value to company. Interact with individual customers to improve the knowledge about individual needs and to build stronger relationships. There are four type of analysis done for analysis of CRM 

oPeriodic Surveys: It’s done on quarterly, its an overall survey done by the future group authorities and CRM is a part of it. oCustomer Loss Rate :
oMystery Shoppers: They pose as normal customers perform specific tasks—such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way – and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences oMonitor Competitive Performance

Complaint Handling Procedures:
Screening And Logging -- The type of product or service; manufacturer/brand name; model name/number; date of purchase/contract; warranty expiration date; salesperson; cost of product/service; date problem occurred; and a description of the problem is listed. This allows organization to exercise control, and assure proper follow-through. •Investigating -- customer's explanation of a problem provides much information. Nevertheless, to assure they have all the information needed for a thorough review of the facts involved, by: oResearching in-house records on the customer;

oRequesting receipts, or other records;
oInspecting the product, or service performed; and
oFollowing-up with the customer for any necessary additional information. •Acknowledging -- When Big Bazaar cannot resolve an issue immediately, it is important to let customer know that the matter is receiving attention. Customer is given information about how long it will take to complete action on the complaint. If there is further delay, it’s made sure to advise customer why and when Big Bazaar expects to have an answer. •Formulating A Solution -- solution is made to be consistent with established customer relations policy and important criteria are taken into account: oContractual and/or warranty obligations;

oThe customer's expectations;
oexpectations of the customer;
oThe cost/benefit of alternative solutions;
oThe probability and cost of customer seeking redress in some other way; oThe comprehensiveness and fairness of solution;
oability to perform...
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