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Online Reservation System with SMS for Firelink Ambassade

An Undergraduate Thesis
Presented to the Faculty of the
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
City College of Lucena
Lucena City

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree of
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Ganacan, Lywellyn N.
Laude, RenzFernan A.
Mojares, Donato C.
Peregrin, Gerald F.

April 2013
Problem and Its Background

1.1 Introduction
As today’s generation, new technologies arise to improve techniques, programs, facilities, logistics, business strategies, etc. to be efficient and more competitive with other businesses. Through the use of new technologies, it may help also to minimize the time and effort of people. Usually, some businesses used technology to update their facilities and procedures.

Nowadays, there are useful media like computer and cellphones that can be used to communicate with the other people. Through the use of internet, this will help people to look or search whatever they want to gain knowledge. Small and big businesses also used media to market their products and services and to offer clients with the use of website. Website is a file of information located on a server which is connected to the World Wide Web also known as www. This may include text, illustrations, videos, music, graphics and computer programs. A site is 24-hours a day, seven days a week which may help people to connect to their businesses to those people far from the location of the business. Through the development of technology, the clients or customers chose the modern way of communicating to other people by using different systems like online reservation.  Online reservation system is easy-to-use reservation management software that can manage different businesses. This system can be used in different occasions like birthdays, seminars, receptions, graduations, etc. Some establishments invested lots of money with this kind of technology for the customers to easily get the information of the business. Here in the Philippines, Shakey’s Restaurant is an example of business that has an online reservation system that can be used by the customer if the place is reserved or not, that’s why the proponents decided to choose Firelink Ambassade to be put online for them to be competitive with other restaurants.

Having an Online Reservation System with SMS, the time and effort of the customers will lessen, by just clicking or simply encoding the information needed for it and the computer will do the rest for you. The problems that may encounter the business in conflicts of schedules will also avoid if the proposed system will be implemented. 1.2 Background of the Study

Firelink Ambassade is one of the businesses of restaurant and bar in Lucena City which offers quality services to its customers. On the year of 2004, month of September, its main branch which is “Senyorita Agua Private Resort” located at the heart of Pagbilao, Quezon had been established. Onwards to which on the month of May, year 2012(at present) the business had grown its success to build its branch which is “FirelinkAmbassade” located at 143 Maharlika Highway, Isabang Lucena City. Currently, the business is under the management of Ms. Toni Ann Alcala.

Initially, FirelinkAmbassade operates every day from ten o’clock in the morning onwards to two o’clock in the morning with the cooperation of its six (6) staffs.
FirelinkAmbassade, from which its objective is to serve quality foods at liable price had been offering – catering services, take out counters, and bulk orders.
Since it is a growing business which undergoes in the development of the new environment for business techniques and competitiveness, it is the need of Firelink Ambassade to make advancement to some of its competent. Other than this, the business is suffering to conflicts when it comes to reservation of services for customers who inquires...
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