Customer Service of Grameenphone

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Customer Service of
Grameenphone: An Evaluation

Table of contents
Executive SummaryVII
Chapter 1: Introduction of the Report1
1.1Origin of the report1
1.5Historical Background2
1.6Sources & Methods of Collecting Data3
1.8Report Preview4

Chapter 2: GP Organizational Information5
2.1Company Vision5
2.2Company Mission6
2.3Our Values6
2.4Good Business, Good Development7
2.5Shareholders of GP9
2.6Transformation in Brand Logo10
2.7Best Network in Bangladesh11
2.8Innovative, Relevant Products & Service12
2.9Community Service through GPCIC16
2.10Global achievements or Awards18
2.11CSR Initiatives of GP19
2.12GP Organizational Structure23
2.13SWOT Analysis of Grameenphone24

Chapter 3: Customer Service of GP29
3.1Marketing or Commercial Division30
3.2Customer Service department at Grameenphone30
3.3The Customers of Business Segment of CSD33
3.4Work Function in CSD36
3.5Inbound Call Management System38
3.6Outbound Call Management System41

Chapter 4: Findings of the Report42
4.1 Internal to the Contact Centre42
4.2 External to the Contact Center45

Chapter 5: Recommendation and Conclusion47
5.1 Recommendation47
5.2 Conclusion50


Table of Figures

No| Particulars| Page No|
1| Fig 01: Shareholders Percentage| 09|
2| Fig 02: Transformation of Brand Logo| 10|
3| Fig 03: Radio network and Edge coverage| 11|
4| Fig 04: Organogram of Grameenphone| 23|
5| Fig 05: Marketing Structure of Grameenphone| 30|
6| Fig 06: CSD structure of Grameenphone| 31|

Executive Summary

Grameenphone Ltd., the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. GP was one of the first mobile phone operators to launch GSM service in Bangladesh. GP was also one of the first operators in Bangladesh to offer subscribers mobile to mobile service, EDGE, prepaid service, voice SMS and “over-the-air” top-ups. Serving the mass market is one of GP's primary goals. By serving the general public as opposed to niche markets, the Company plans to achieve economies of scale and healthy profits. Grameenphone believes in service, a service that leads to good business and good development. Telephony helps people work together, raising their productivity. This gain in productivity is development, which in turn enables them to afford a telephone service, generating a good business. In 2007, over 12 million subscribers were served through the Inbound Hotlines, Online Service and through outbound calls. In order to give a positive and sustaining experience to the ever increasing subscriber base, Grameenphone Customer Service is continuously improving on its processes and procedures. The focus now is to move up to the next level with an ambition “To provide the best-in-class Customer Service in Asia” by establishing the most reliable, friendly and quality customer service. Customer service department is a part of commercial division. From the birth of the department it tried to meet the demand of the near about 21 million subscribers regarding their queries, requests & complains. Grameenphone customer service is the first 24-hour Contact Center in Bangladesh. Grameenphone customer service department has 4 major segments. The Contact Center, Complain Management, Resource Management and People & process Development. Contact center also has 6 segments. They are: Consumer, Youth Emerging, Channels, Business segment and Bill Pay. I’ve focused on the Business segment of the contact center. It’s by far the most important segment of all as it basically deals with the core corporate subscribers of Grameenphone. The importance of the corporate subscribers’ is easily understandable because 76% of the revenue of Grameenphone comes from this segment alone....
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