Debut Albums and Girls Generation

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Most of us were not SOnes from the beginning.
Many of us may not have been there when people think you couldn't make it. We may not have been there when you wanted to give up.
Many of us were not Sones, when you felt like the nine of you were all that you had. But because we've become you Sones, the one who fulfilled your wishes Although we couldn't be with you from the very beginning...

We will be with you UNTIL THE END.
We'll be standing with you forever until the end.
Everywhere you go a PINK OCEAN flows...
Proof of how hard you've worked, how far you've come
Proof that you did it!
Girls Generation, SNSD, Sonyushidae....
To the 9 Girls that I LOVE
Many years now have been passed since your debut...
From your first debut stage to the most prestigious stage you've performed on... In 5 years your still SNSD.
Girls who despite the fame and have never forgotten who they are

It hasn't been an easy journey, and it still it will not be easy....

Even though you all 9 are now being divided into subgroups... you will still be 9
You've made a comeback within 9 months
and for 9 weeks
you all 9 members
received 9 trophies..... ♥
plus another 9 MAMA trophies in the future!!

Just like 9 of you as one is like MUSIC makes as ONE!!!
The world will know that there once 9 girls..
9 GIRLS who made a HISTORY..
9 Girls who created SNSD!!!

Right now its Girls Generation
Tomorrow is Girls Generation
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