Debut Albums and Good News

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  • Published : January 7, 2014
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B:Hey, morning!
A: Morning.
B:What did you do last night?
A:Well, I was busy reviewing the History’s teacher’s note for almost 3 entire hours. B:How come? What drives you studying so hard?
A:Surely it’s for today’s Final Exam!
B:Are you kidding me? Aren’t we supposed to take the History Final Exam next Tuesday? We still have one week’s time to prepare and memorize those notes. Right? A:Seriously, TODAY, not 7 days later!

B:No! It’s impossible!
A:You haven’t prepared for it at all, have you?
B:No, not at all! I am in big, big trouble this time!
A:What’s worse, the history teacher is one of the strictest teachers in our school! B:But I remember the date for history’s final exam is on 24th Jan, not 17th! A:No,it's not true.
B:I am in big trouble right now, how many items are there in the teacher’s note for us to memorize? A:99 items.
B:99 items? What am I going to do? Could I copy your answer if the teacher’s not looking, is it ok? A:No, you are kidding. I spent all night memorizing all these items, I will not let you copy my anwer! No way. Except…. B:Except what? COME ON! Tell me!

A:Except you give Jay’s new album CD for me as a gift.
B:Wow, you are such a greedy guy!
A:I am. (Laugh)
B:Well, it’s up to you. You can choose to fail the history exam. A:Fine! Fine! I will give up my album!!
B:you know what….
B:Since you have promised to give me your album, I have a good news for you. A:WHAT?
B:Really good news for you. I solve your problem, and I tell you a really good news, I am really the kindest people, am I? A:Just tell me the good news!
B:OK. Before I tell you, you have to swear you will deliver you promise, you know, the album CD. A:I will give you this, no problem.
B:Ok, good. The good news’s that the History Final exam is….7 days later. A:…………
B:You just swore you will deliver your promise!!(Run away)...
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