Debut Albums and Man

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters. A/N: I know this has been done but I was getting tired of waiting for someone to finish so I decided to write it myself. There will be spoilers brought up from all the books just to warn those people who might care. I don't know if anyone will like this but there is one plus, I've already finished the first two books and if I keep up the pace I'm going I'll be finished in not time. I've decided to post two chapters a day until I either run out or I finish all the books (if this is true I would must likely increase the number of chapters I post).

I would just like to point out that my favorite couple is Ron/Hermione (and then Harry/Ginny). However my favorite relationship in the books is the friend/sibling relationship between Harry and Hermione. My favorite chapters in the book are when they are alone together (Hermione secret, Grawp, and Godric's Hollow to name a few).

The last thing I have to said is that I spell and grammar check the story myself so there are probably a lot of problems, sorry. So without farther ado, here my story. A/N: (3/26) Okay so I really had bad grammar and spelling mistakes in the being of this story and it was pointed out to me that people wouldn't like to continue reading this if they can't really understand what I'm saying. So I will correct this again, and hopefully make it readable (I was planing on doing this anyways but I was going to wait until I finished the book). (Updated again on 9/27)

Chapter One
The Plan
A young man was sitting in a dusty room that seemed like no one had been in for ages. He was hunched over a huge book, reading it like his life depended on it.
"There you are," said a voice all too familiar to the boy. "Everyone has been looking for you." "Yeah, I kind of figured they would be," the boy grinned at the girl, his best friend. "But I really want to finish this."

"Hmph," she said crossing her arms. She didn't think what he was doing the right, which was too bad for him; with her help he would have been done ages ago. "Harry…You can't do this…" "Hermione, I have to," Harry said suddenly passionate, eyes blazing. "Ever since I heard it was possible… I have to…"

"But Harry, it can change everything…. I know this is hard for you to hear, but things might be better the way they are," Hermione said nervously. "Things happen for a reason." Harry just looked at her blankly for a moment, which caused her to shift uncomfortably, and then he started to laugh hysterically. "Is that what you thought I was doing? I was wondering why you were so dead set against me doing this."

"What do you mean?" Hermione looked almost afraid at her hysterical friend. "I'm not going to change the past," Harry said smiling sadly now. "Of course I want to… maybe save someone… or everyone… but you're right, thing could be so much worst and who am I do decided what's better."

"Then what are you doing?" Hermione ask truly confused now.
"I just want to meet them," Harry said simply. "They wont remember… well maybe they will when their…" he trailed off looking at the ceiling and biting his lower lip.

"Oh, Harry," Hermione said sitting down on the dusty couch next to him as put her hand on his shoulder. "I thought… if I knew… can I help?"
"I know what I'm looking for is here, I just can't seem to find it," he said immediately pushing the book towards her, as he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He leaned back and rest a little, he's been at this since he woke up that morning and he had no idea how long it has been, but it was now dark outside.

Five minuets later Hermione shook Harry awake, she hated doing it; the poor boy hadn't had a proper nights sleep in two weeks, ever since he heard all about this. However, she had found what he was looking for and she knew he wouldn't forgive her if she didn't wake him up immediately. "Harry, I think I've found something."

"Huh," he woke with a start, and then smiled at his bushy...
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