Debut Albums and Snow White

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Mr. Mouse

Mrs. Mouse

Girl Mouse

Young Boy Mouse

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1

Gossipy Girl Mouse 2





Setting:  A cardboard house, a tall wall, sun, and a cloud.


(two mice enter)

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1: I heard that Mr. and Mrs. Mouse´s daughter is very beautiful.

Gossipy Girl Mouse 2: She´s the most beautiful girl in the world!

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1: Is it true that every mouse on earth wants to marry her?

Gossipy Girl Mouse 2: Yes, it is!

Gossipy Girl Mouse 1: It’s sad that  her parents don´t like any of them.

(They leave.  Mr. and Mrs. Mouse enter)

Mrs. Mouse: Who will we marry our daughter?  We don´t like anybody…nobody is that good for her!

Mr. Mouse: That´s right. One mouse has a large tail….another one doesn´t have teeth… another one is too fat. We can´t let her marry any of them.  They are so ugly!

Mrs. Mouse: She must marry the most powerful in the world.

Mr. Mouse: The most powerful is the Sun!

(A cardboard sun enters stage)

Mrs. Mouse: (kindly) Mr. Sun!   We have a beautiful daughter. She is the prettiest girl in the world, and you are the most powerful. You deserve her!

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: We want you to marry her!

Sun: I´m not the most powerful. The most powerful is the Cloud.

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: The Cloud?

Sun: Yes.   The Cloud covers  me.

(A cardboard cloud enters stage and covers the sun.  The sun disappears)

Mr. Mouse: Hey, Cloud! We have seen you cry a lot of times. Do you cry because you feel alone?

Cloud: No.  I cry so that plants can grow.

Mrs. Mouse: You are the most powerful, and you deserve to marry our daughter.

Mr. Mouse: She is the most beautiful mouse on earth!

Cloud: No, I´m not the most powerful. The most powerful is the wind.

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: The Wind?

Cloud: Yes.  The Wind blows me . (the whistling of the wind is heard) Listen! here it comes! Oh, it´s pushing me!

(A cardboar wind enters stage. The cloud disappears. The wind walks around the stage and the mice  follow it)

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse: Mr. Wind! Mr. Wind! Stop!

(The wind stops blowing)

Wind: What do you want. I´m in a hurry!

Mr. Mouse: Would you like to marry our daughter? She is the most beautiful mouse in the world!

Mrs. Mouse: You are the most powerful. You deserve her!

Wind: I am not the most powerful. The most powerful is the wall.

Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Mouse: The wall?

Wind: Yes. The wall stops me.   The wall doesn´t let me go through.

(The wind leaves stage whistling trying to destroy the wall. Mr. and Mrs. Mouse fall down because of the wind force).

Mr. Mouse: (getting up) We have to talk to the wall.

Mr. Mouse: Yes, we have to!

(Mr. and Mrs. Mouse approach the wall)

Mr. Mouse: Mr. Wall! Mr. Wall!

Mrs. Mouse: He doesn´t hear you. He is old and deaf.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse: Mr. Wall! Mr. wall!

Wall: What !

Mr. Mouse: (yelling) Would you like to marry the most beautiful girl in the world?

Wall: That I´m wrong? I´m too old.

Mrs. Mouse: No! No!  Would like to marry our daughter!

Wall: Who, me? Why?

Mr. Mouse: Because you are the most powerful.

Wall: Me, the most powerful? Ha, ha, ha, ha! I´m full of holes. The most powerful is the mouse who made them.

Mr. and Mrs. Mouse: The Mouse?

(Mr. and Mr. Mouse look at each other and seem ashamed. A young boy mouse enters from behind the wall)

Young boy mouse: You are the parents of the most beautiful girl in the world. I want to marry her. We have been in love for a very long time.

Mr. Mouse: Oh, but where are you going to live?

Young Boy Mouse: In this old wall. I have bee building a house with many rooms. It has a living room, a dinning room, and a kitchen. It is very comfortable.

Mr. Mouse: Yes! Yes! You will marry our daughter because you are...
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