Debut Albums and Time

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`Good morning,good morning! It’s new day,a fresh start,maybe it’s the luckiest day of your life ! Rise and ..” my radio tried to wake me up with such a motivational morning speech,that i had to turn it off . ’Cool,another day,another pain in my ass. .Ugh.’ i said turning on my back,staring at the ceiling. I got off my bed,after rubbing my eyes and yawning for like 5 times. I hate morings,i’m not a morning person and you definetly don’t wanna piss me off when i just woke up. I took a quick look in the mirror and i was,like always,looking terrible. My blonde hair looked like some squirrels played with it all night long,my right cheek was red because of the teddy bear that was pressed on my face-i’m used to press my pillow or my teddy bear on my face at’s just a bad habit,but that’s the only way i can make myself fall asleep- and my eyes refused to open enogh for me to see properly. I brushed my hair,then my teeth,i took a shower and after that i got dressed. It was time for breakfast,or at least i thought it was. I was already late for school,so i grabed a cereal bar and threw it in my bag. My mom was like always not home at this time,she’ll eventualy come home tonight or tomorrow.. I heard a horn outside my house and i knew i was late,again,like always.. Mia and Kyle were waiting for me,they were angry at me and i knew it. „Why are you always late?” Kyle asked me and i felt judged by his tone. „Sorry,sorry,sorry! You know i’m not a morning person..” i tried to escape from the situation i got into by myself . „Fine,you’re forgiven. Get in the car.” Mia orederd me laughing. I closed the door behind me and i gave them a look ,plus an innocent smile to redeem my ’sins’ .They laughed and started asking me about our math homework. Really,math? They know i suck at math and that i didn’t give a damn about that homework. I knew enough math just to avoid failing the semester. My phone buzzed in my pocket,so i took it out to check . It was a text from my mom..

„I’m coming home tomorrow. Take care.”

Of course she wasn’t coming home tonight. Why would she? Ugh,i just hate everything..

„Okay. You too” i replied,frowning at my phone’s screen.

„Everything okay?” Mia asked me with a worried look on her face. „Yeah,just a mail.” I lied,smiling.
She nooded her head and turned back in her seat,looking at the road. In 10 minutes we arrived in highschool’s parking lot. Yay. I missed cursing these morons from here.. I saw the guys from the football team surrounded by a bunch of silly girls that will eventually end in their beds,but hey! I don’t care. I grabed my bag and got off the car. I hugged my friends and rushed to my English class,because i wanted to have a good seat. Christian Rogers wasn’t on my ’favourite people’ list. Jerk,football player and stupid. I’ve seen rocks smarter than him.. And that’s because i don’t really like to be around him,so i don’t really know how well he’s doing in school. Again,why would i care? I know i’m using ``again`` too many times,but i have my own reasons for that.. Anyway,i entererd the class,but i was late. Mrs. Carlson was already starting a new lesson..

’’Miss Walker. How come that you’re always late?”she asked me coldly. ’’Please excuse me,Mrs. Carlson. Can i go to my seat,now?” ”Because you’re late,your seat is taken. Please,stay there,next to mister Rogers.”

No. No no no. Okay,i was expecting this.. I hate being right! I mean,right now i hate myself for thinking about getting the `chance` to stay next to that jerk. Arghh. I was mentally slapping myself..really hard. ``You’re dying of excitement on the inside,Walker.” He said,growing a big grin on his face. ``Yeah,you got me. Yeppy.” I said sarcastically,taking my seat. ``Shhh!`` i heard the...
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