Development of Social Media in the Philippines

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  • Published : July 31, 2014
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Development of Social Media in the Philippines

Based on the foreign literature, online Journalism is defined as the reporting of facts produced via internet. With this, more Americans reported getting their national and international news from the internet rather than the newspapers and audiences to new cites continue to grow due to the launch of new news sites. On the local literature Baran defined and emphasize the power of media in a direct statement that the media is powerful enough to influence how the people act and that audiences are “little less defenseless” when it comes to interpreting media messages.

In conclusion, both literature expresses that the social media is influential and powerful as a tool in communication especially the ways in news organization. Aside from that, it is the easiest and most accessible way for the audience to be informed about facts and the latest happenings around the globe.

Moreover, According to Mitchell, 2012 Facebook and Twitter have dominated the intersection of social media and news whereas both social media tools are considered as new pathways to news. On the other side, Alex Pal, a publisher and auditor of a local newspaper in the Philippines says that social media have become indispensable in disseminating information.

Hence, social media as part of online journalism became a new pathway to deliver news as a necessity to present it to the audience. Indeed, both statement emphasizes how these social media became dominant as a means of transporting messages and news to every individual who uses these mediums.