Discourse Analysis Linguistics of Texts and Conversation

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  • Published : September 25, 2008
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Analyse how structural and linguistic devices are used to target a specific audience in printed media text.


In this GCSE study I intend to analyse, two printed texts I have selected two advertisements printed on paper to compare and contrast. Both advertisements have a common theme, yet they are presented very differently to attract the same target audience; both contain compelling visuals. I also selected ADVERT1. Social Work it's all about people. because I am interested in exploring the ways in which the media tackles and presents sensitive issues. It is the differences in the presentation of the two advertisements for essentially similar jobs that I find interesting.


to compare any non-fiction texts, you must have an understanding of their purpose and audience.

I am going to analyse, assess and compare the effectiveness of the devices - images and language - used, and present what I think are the reasons for the use of these devices to make contact with their target audience. Both advertisements focus on attracting the

middle-of-the-road social category A-C reader to apply for jobs to professions which require social awareness - ADVERT 1. Social Work it's all about people: This piece is an advertisement which encourages people, who could possibly have an interest in training in social work as a profession, to find out more about the careers available in social work. Although superficially simple language is used the message is subtly presented to appeal to the 'thinking' person with a conscience. The advertisement was printed in the Independent Newspapers 'Independent Magazine'; part of the quality press, The Independent is a broadsheet newspaper aimed at the top 10% of intelligence quota of the population and the magazine is used for quality articles and advertisements, usually in full...