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Will Fracking Suffocate Earth?!

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Hydraulic fracturing, also commonly known as “fracking”, is a method often used nowadays to extract natural gas. The process starts when a steel pipe casing is inserted into the drilled well bore. Tiny holes are made in the pipe in order to let the fracturing fluid flow into the zones which contain oil or gas. Eventually, these zones will fracture due to the pressure from the overflowing fluid. Once the fractures are formed, the fluid halts and flows back to the surface. Remnants from fluid such as sand are then left behind, holding open the fractures. Another way to form these fractures is to inject gases such as nitrogen. Acidizing sometimes occur while fracturing where hydrochloric acid is pumped inside to neutralize unwanted materials in order for a better well flow. (Mooney 2011) There has been an alarming amount of issues and impacts caused by fracking throughout the years since its implementation. The process requires vast amounts water, sand and harmful chemicals which results in many issues namely water contamination and air pollution. For example, water supplies are being depleted and transport trucks are contributing to more air pollution. Mining for sand also consumes water and pollutes the air from the emissions. Last but not least, tons of chemicals are used which are harmful to humans and wildlife. All it takes is just a very small amount of some chemicals to contaminate the water used and it must be disposed of as hazardous waste. (Kovats et al. 2014) (Smith 2012) (Fears 2014) These impacts are just the tip of the iceberg, the aftermaths it leaves behind is much worse. Contamination of water and air pollution are the major concerns, not forgetting that waste disposal also presents a challenge. Air pollution occurs when gases are leaked during the process which...
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