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Advertising: information or manipulation?
The given topic is debatable. In this era there are many kind of advantages and disadvantages of advertisement. Some people support it but some people are opposing it. I have many reasons to support my answer. In this essay, there will be discussed views in detail. Firstly advertisement is a good source of information. In the present time there are many kind of option are available for getting information. For example newspaper easy option in this way by newspaper, we can get much kind of data like local jobs, sports activities movement in our surround and in this world. Moreover; there are also matrimonial services etc. We can easily communicate with and be aware about our local area. It is also good source awareness about much kind of diseases like Cancer, aids etc. By the newspaper and tv we can get solution of these problems. For example Smoking causes cancer. In India, there is only advertisement source of information. New Indian government has ordered that there should be warning on every tobacco, bidi and cigarette about cancer. On the other hand: there are many kind of harmful effect of advertisement. We can see different kind of advertisement board on edge of roads. It always distracts the drivers. And it causes accident. The seductive board is the main reason of many lives. In this way we can many fraud cases on internet. There are many kinds of jobs vacancies. To sum up, it attracts the people for getting a job in developed countries with a handsome salary. Initially they ask for registration charge and after that they disappear. So we can say Advertisements also manipulate the people.i
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