Elements of a Communication Process Model

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  • Published : October 7, 2013
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Communication Opinion Paper


Melissa McFarland


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Communication Opinion Paper
Communication is the process of sending and receiving a message between a sender and a receiver. However, communication entails much more than the passing of information from one party to another. In order for communication to be effective, there also needs to be a shared understanding of the presented information. Communication is also relied upon to instruct, inform, and educate individuals. The communication process can accomplish more than the sharing of information, it can also build valuable relationships between the sender and receiver. The communication process can be explained through the elements of a Communication Process Model. In the Communication Process Model, information is sent from the sender to the receiver simultaneously through a communication channel, such as verbally or electronically. As this occurs, the information is then encoded into a form that the sender believes the receiver will decode, or interpret easily. Therein, the message has been presumed to be understood by the sender and the receiver. Ensuring that a message has been encoded easily and decoded effectively by the sender and receiver, clarifying questions should be asked by the sender and the receiver. The process of effective communication at a deeper glance not only involves the sharing and understanding of information, it also includes the understanding of feelings, thoughts, wants, needs, and intensions of those involved in the communication process (Cheeseboro, O'Connor, & Rios, "Chapter 1, Communication Defined," 2010). The clear understanding of what is intended in the message may not...
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