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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Louise does in “The Story of an Hour” described as “joy that kills”, because she saw that her husband is still alive. However, she did not die of excitement to see her husband. She died due to the fact that she was not free anymore.

A few moments after the mortifying news of her husband’s death, Louise starts to dream about how her life is going to be from now on. She was more relieved that she was not going to be controlled or told how to live her life. “She saw beyond that bitter moment along procession of years to come that would belong to her absolutely. And she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome.” (Chopin). Louise was not entirely in love with him because a person who truly loves their spouse would not be dreaming that their life would be much happier now that he was gone.

In the beginning of the story, Richard, Brently’s friend, is more worried for Louise due to her health. Louise has heart trouble, so he wanted to tell her as gently as possible about the news of her husband, Brently. He was shocked when he saw his friend’s name on the list “killed.” He waited for another telegram just to make sure it was him before he gets carried away. Ok, good points, what else can you add to this paragraph?

“When the doctors came them said she had died of heart disease.” This in fact is a true statement because the word “joy” is a verb not a noun reality. It was her heart condition that got her to that’s point. Yes, she was “free, free, free!” as she stated because of her husband’s death and stated to imagine her life happy and long. That inspired Louise to look forwards in life, but as soon as she saw her husband walk in the front door, she panicked and saw all those wonderful images and dreams come to an end. Due to the shock and her known heart problems, she began to experience chest pains that lead to a heart attack that killed her instantly.

“Joy that kills” is a metaphor; it was not the actual “joy” that killed her. The shock is what...