Topics: Hypertension, Heart, Death Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: May 20, 2013
If exercise maintains our health, do you maintain exercise? Some people may spend their little time or get up early to do exercise. But some people may think that it is not necessarily for them. The main point is that can exercise really advance for our healthy body? The answer is yes. And I don’t agree exercise can be detrimental to health.

Exercise is the best way to regulate our weight. We burn our calories thought doing exercise, specially doing the aerobic exercise, which burning calories faster. For example, running in a half hour, people can burn around 200 to 300 calories. Everything we eat contains calories so we can plan and do the regular exercise to burn off the required amount of calories. Many primary students have the obesity problem since they do less exercise and frequently eat fatty or junk foods. If we intake for more calories of food and over the balance that we need, we should do more exercise to regulate our weight of health. So that we can keep the suitable weight and get the perfect body.

Doing exercise benefits in building and maintaining bones strength. When we were doing exercise, especially weight-bearing exercise which is necessary for our bone health, such as walking, jogging, volleyball, it stretches our tissues and muscles. National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) have found evidence showing that exercise is effective in enhancing children and elderly bone health. Elderly is easily to have bone tissue loss. Therefore, a regular weight-bearing exercise can help the elderly to build muscle tone and improve balance also. That’s a reason why there are many older people who walking or jogging in the park in every morning.

Exercise prevents health conditions and disease. While we do a lack of exercise, we may raise heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure easily. According to Healthy HK’s information of top ten leading causes of death, more than 15% of the people dead in heart...
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