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School of Administrative Studies
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
Taxation of Personal Income in Canada
ADMS 4561
course outline for all sections
Fall 2014
last updated September 2 2014

1 Contact Information – Course Director


Course Director

Section D

4-7 pm
HNE 030
Joanne Magee
[email protected]

Section E

7-10 pm
HNE 035
[email protected]

Section F

HNE 032
[email protected]
2 Course Description
Together with AK/ADMS 4562 3.0, introduces students to the principles and practice of Canadian taxation and related tax planning, to provide a basic understanding of the Canadian Income Tax Act and its GST implications in relation to individuals. PREREQUISITES

1) For students in an Honours program, 78 credits including ADMS 3520; 2) or for other students, a grade of C+ or better in the above-listed course.

Students who have taken a course that is similar to ADMS 3520 and would like to know whether it meets the prerequisite requirement should contact the coordinator, Joanne Magee ([email protected]). Students who have taken ADMS 4561 in a prior term also meet the prerequisite. Students not meeting the prerequisite requirement may be dropped from the course. You must resolve your prerequisite situation before October 6, 2014 (i.e., the last day to enrol with permission).

2.1 Important Information:

Read this course outline thoroughly: it has a lot of key information. All students can access lecture notes and other important course information by clicking on the moodle link at http://moodle.yorku.ca/

A schedule setting out the dates of the lectures, assignments and midterms follows under heading 9. The problem sets for each lecture will be discussed in the lectures.

2.2 To prepare for each lecture, we advise the following approach:

(a) Read the lecture notes first.

(b) Attempt the problem set next. Also, for extra practice at the end of each FIT textbook chapter there are multiple choice questions, exercises and review questions. The answers to these items are contained in the FIT Study Guide. In each set of lecture notes, we recommend several for you to do.

(c) Use FIT and the Act as a reference to clarify your understanding of the law. You are only responsible for what is in the Lecture Notes and Problem Sets. There is much more in the Act and in the FIT textbook than what we cover in this course.

If you have questions, please ask them in class or post them on the Moodle forum. But before you do that, please try to look the answer up for yourself. Because tax law is constantly changing and is very complex, one of the many skills needed for a career in taxation (or any accounting discipline) is the ability to do research. So for questions related to the content of the course, please try looking for answers to your questions in the lecture notes, the textbook and the Act first. By the same token, for administrative questions please try looking for answers in this course outline first. The course materials provide you with answers to most of the frequently asked questions. There is an Administrative Forum at the top of the Moodle website and a separate forum accompanying each Lecture where the Lecture Recording is. The Group Forum for Administrative Matters and the individual lecture forums must each be subscribed to individually in order to automatically receive emails of posts to the forums. To subscribe, click on the forum to access it. In the settings menu on the left at the bottom click on "subscribe to this forum".

Information from the Atkinson Professional Accounting Association is available at www.yuapaa.com or by emailing [email protected]

Enjoy the course!

Joanne Magee ([email protected])
Tax Course Coordinator

3Learning Outcomes and Professional Behaviour

Students can attend any section that they...
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