Fran Hayden Case Study

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  • Published : June 16, 2013
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Fran Hayden Jones Case Study

What are the main issues in the case?

Dairy Engineering showed a serious lack of communication among employee’s, from Fran’s experiences working for the company we have been able to gather that employees feel mistreated by managers, while managers are unable to communicate effectively. Organizational commitment is a large factor influencing the flaws in this companies ability to have a positive work environment. Employees are easily becoming stressed which is having a direct impact on their effectiveness, and their roles are not specifically outlined for them.

Why did the problems/ issues occur?

Continuance Commitment: Continuance commitment is the view that the employee is only attached to the company because of money motivation, and if they were to leave it would be costly to that employee; therefore the employee continues to work although they may be dissatisfied. In this particular case Fran is over her head in student debt and simply cannot afford to begin looking for another job. Although she is frustrated with the lack of communication from management and by the way she is treated by her managers she continues to work in her position working towards paying of her student debt, Fran is demonstrating continuance commitment.

Task Identity: In this case, it is evident that Fran task identity is very inaccurate, along with the other employees at Dairy Engineering. The first flaw in task identity is that of the recruiting department; when Fran came for her first day of work it turned out the job she had accepted did not actually exist, resulting in her placement in the MIS (management information systems) sector of the company. Although Fran understood what the MIS sector was responsible for, she was never assigned to a specific role in the department, and she was continuously finding herself with no work to do and she began to question why they needed four people in the department. Task Identity is a problem at Dairy Engineering and without assigning roles to employees it is almost impossible to expect them to work efficiently.

Stress: Stress is the response of challenging or threatening situations to a person’s wellbeing in the workplace. There are two different kinds of stress, which are eustress (positive) and distress (negative). In this case, Fran felt distress in the company because she thought she put a lot of effort into her work, but was not positively re-enforced for the work she had been doing. The lack of communication from her manager caused her to feel stressed when he took out his frustration on her. An example of this is when she was told by one manager to go an upcoming management workshop only to get in trouble from her manager for attending the workshop. When Rob (Chief Accountant) told her that he would deal with the situation since he was the one that sent her to the workshop he never followed through. This negative influence also spread into Fran’s life, resulting in her fighting with her boyfriend. Therefore, the stress affected her in physiological, behavioral and psychological way. Peter (Fran’s boss) called her into his office and was attacking her in a verbal manor, causing exhaustion she had run out of ways to try and avoid the stress ultimately breaking her down.

Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is a vital part to obtaining efficient employees in the workplace. Job satisfaction is measured by a number of things, the first thing being good leadership practices. The leadership roles are Dairy Engineering are quite sub-par, as Fran’s boss Peter was unable to explain to her what her role in the company was and also had no idea that she had gone off on a workshop. The second factor is a solid manager relationship, this is the most obvious lacking characteristic in this particular case, Fran and her manager have anything but a good relationship, and in my opinion it is all her managers fault. He fails to acknowledge Fran’s strengths and is...