Gender Assignment Surgery at Birth

Topics: Intersexuality, Gender, Cognition Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: January 28, 2014

“Is it a Boy, or a Girl?”
Before enrolling in this course and learning about this disorder when I heard the term “hermaphrodite” I thought it mean that a girl liked a girl and a boy liked a boy. My initial impression of Cheryl was I thought she was a lesbian because she looked more masculine then feminine. But it ended up that she had more testosterone in her than estrogen. I thought Howard was just normal because he looked just like every other man, but his penis wasn’t shaped correctly and it was small because he has more estrogen in him than he should.

Cheryl and Howard have the right to be upset because their parents made an important decision for them and maybe they didn’t want to be what they had chosen for them. Their parents should have waited till they were old enough to make a decision for themselves and let them decide. I disagree with gender assignment surgery at birth. I think it should be done later so that the child can decide.

If I ever had a child with intersexed condition I would not go for early surgery. I would wait for my child to make this decision for his or her self. I do not want my child in the future to hate me or dislike the way they are because of me. If I was born with an intersexed condition I would not hate my parents for making the decision for me, but I would like it if they would leave it for me to make the decision.

An issue that intersexed individuals face is bullying. When a person is asked if they are a boy or a girl especially at a young age they are humiliated! The physiological hardships he or she has to overcome because they feel like an outsider in today’s society. People today aren’t accepting to these types of things. Everyone is so quick to judge a person by what they see. Another issue is relationships, who do they partner themselves with? These people could never feel comfortable opening up about their selves because of the fear of being judged or humiliated.

If my child was ever born intersexed I...
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