Gender Socialization in Disney Movies

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 3 (1249 words) Published: December 8, 2013
Gender socialization is defined as the process in which societal factors such as school, family, and the media, teach children their gender roles at an early age and those roles are continually reinforced throughout their lives. Boys are raised to adjust their behaviors and actions to the male gender role, while girls are raised to adapt to the female gender role. Schools reinforce such roles by enforcing uniform policies; for example, in some schools, girls are required to wear skirts while boys are required to don pants. Children are also segregated through lines by their gender. Family members have a big impact on gender socialization, since gender roles are imposed as early as the infancy period. Also, girls in the family are taught nurturing behaviors, things such as cleaning and cooking; while boys in the family do not exercise nurturing behaviors, but are rather encouraged to go out and be adventurous. Many forms of media such as advertisements and television shows often portray men as the bread-winner and show women in more of a domestic role. In commercials, men typically advertise things like tools; while on the other hand, women would be advertising household cleaning devices. I will be explaining how another form of the media—specifically Disney movies, also influences the construction of gender roles in society. I chose to explore Disney movies, because a lot of people have watched Disney films while they were young. Many girls, such as I, wanted to be a princess living in a beautiful castle, while many boys wanted to grow up to be strong and muscular, and to be a leader. While many see no harm in Disney films, they actually perpetuate

negative effects on growing children.It’s important to realize the impacts such filmshave on gender roles, because many people don’t realize we automatically conform to what’s ideal in our society;we don’t think twice about it because it has been ingrained in us since childhood. There lies a strong burden on both...
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