Girls: Debut Albums and Meeting

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Naughtiest Girl 2

The Naughtiest Girl Again

Enid Blyton

Courtesy: Shahid Riaz Islamabad – Pakistan [email protected]

2 BACK AT WHYTELEAFE. ELIZABETH was excited. The long summer holidays were almost over, and it was time to think of going back to school. Her mother, Mrs. Allen, was busy getting all her things ready, and Elizabeth was helping her to pack the big trunk, "Oh, Mummy, it's fun to think I'll see all my friends again soon!" said Elizabeth. "It's lovely to be going back to Whyteleafe School once more. The winter term ought to be great fun," Her mother looked at Elizabeth and laughed. "Elizabeth," she said, "do you remember what a fuss you made about going away to school for the first time last term? Do you remember how you said you would be so naughty and disobedient that you would soon be sent back home again? I'm glad to see you so happy this termlooking forward to going back." "Oh, Mummy, I was stupid and silly," said Elizabeth, going red as she remembered herself a few months back. "Goodness, when I remember the things I said and did! Do you know, I wouldn't even share the cakes and things I took back? And I was so awfully rude and naughty in class-and I just wouldn't go to bed at the right time or do anything I was told I was quite, quite determined to be sent back home!" "And after all you weren't sent back, because you found you wanted to stay," said Mrs. Allen, with a smile. "Well, well-I hope you won't be the naughtiest girl in the school this term." "I don't expect I shall," said Elizabeth. "I shan't be the best either-because I do fly into tempers, you know, and I don't think before I speak. I'm sure to get into trouble of some sort! But never mind, I'll get out of it again, and I'll really do my best this term." "Good girl," said her mother, shutting down the lid of the trunk. "Now look, Elizabeththis is your tuck-box, I've put a tin of toffees in, a big chocolate cake, a tin of shortbread, and a large pot of black-currant jam. That's all I can get hi. But I think it's enough, don't you?" "Oh, yes, thank you, Mummy," said Elizabeth joyfully. "The others will love all those. I wonder if Joan's mother will give her a tuck-box this term." Joan was Elizabeth's friend. She had been to stay with Elizabeth in the summer holidays and the two had had a lovely time together. Then Joan had gone back home again for a week or two before school began. Elizabeth was looking forward to seeing her friend again-what fun to sleep in the same dormitory together, to sit in the same form, and to play the same games! Elizabeth had told her mother all about Whyteleafe School. It was a school for boys and girls together, and the children ruled themselves, and were seldom punished by the masters or mistresses. Every week a big School Meeting was held, and all the children had to attend. The Head Boy and Girl were the Judges, and twelve monitors, chosen by the children themselves, were the Jury. Any grumbles or complaints had to be brought to the Meeting, and if any child had behaved wrongly, the children themselves thought out a suitable punishment. Poor Elizabeth had suffered badly at the weekly Meetings, for she had been so naughty and disobedient, and had broken every rule in the school, But now she had come to see that good behaviour was best not only for herself but for the whole school too, and she was very much looking forward to everything. Perhaps this term she could show just how good she could be, instead of just how naughty!

3 She was to leave the next day. Everything was packed up. She had a new lacrosse stick and a new hockey stick, for both games were played at Whyteleafe. Elizabeth was very proud of these, She had never played either game before, but she meant to be very good indeed at them. How she would run! What a lot of goals she would shoot! Her mother took her up to London to catch the train that was ready to take her and the other girls to the school. Elizabeth danced on to the...
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