Goals in Life

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Assignment: My Goals in Life.

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My Goals in Life

It is true that all people have to have goals in Life to succeed well. I’m planning my goals in some different ways. First, I have my career goals. Second, I have my familiar goals. In the end, but not less important, I have my dreams goals. Let’s talking about my career goals. In my professional life I got a chance to tray different positions and kinds of job. When I was in University, for the first time, doing Graphic Design, I had a chance to work in an office as a Designer, and later in a marketing department as an intern. So, on that time I found myself in a marketing area. Now, I’m doing a new College to get my second degree. On this time, I’m preparing to be in a marketing manager position, area that I fell in love some years ago. After to get my dream job, I will be able to focus on my familiar’s goals, that is my second priority. I already have a boyfriend who I love so much. So, as soon as we find a job, that can support us, we plan to get married and start a new family. Its means have kids, buy a house and then start building our future. In the end, but not less important, I have my dreams goals. All my dreams it’s about traveling. I can say that you learn more when you travel than when you are in a school. To learn about new cultures and learn from people around this giant world is what I really want to do. If I can say something about my life goals, I should say; I’m never stopping looking for it. Get my dream job, building my own family and discover the world is what I really want to do. If I can do it all, I will be the happiest person in the earth.
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