Gold and Customer Service

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  • Published : July 27, 2012
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CASE APPLICATION (Making You Say Wow).
1. Using Exhibit 3-2 and the information from this case, describe the culture at the Ritz-Carlton. Why do you think this type of culture might be important to a luxury hotel? What might be the drawback of such a culture? We can describe the culture at the Ritz-Carlton by looking at their ‘Gold Standards’ as the foundation of customer service that put the guest like royalty. This new customer service philosophy implemented in mid-2006 that encompass values include, the credo, the motto, the 3 steps of service, service values, the 6th diamond and the employee promise. All this gold standard might be important that makes Ritz-Carlton became most popular hotel among well-known people because the way they treat the guest with first class service by applying the principle of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and commitment rather than before. Before they change their customer service philosophy, their behaviour towards guest had been extremely detailed and scripted. The drawbacks of this culture is the guest feels uncomfortable seem like talking to a robot because sounding like they’re recited line from manual.

2. What challenges do you think the company faced in changing the culture? What is the Ritz-Carlton doing to maintain this new culture? The challenges that the company faced in changing the culture are to teach the employee which had been extremely detailed and scripted before, became more natural, relaxed and authentic. The employee should build strong relationships between the guest without teach them how to make guest happy like and reinforce company values.

3. What kind of person do you think would be happiest and most successful in this culture? How do you think new employees “learn” the culture? A person with outgoing personality, somebody who love to interact with other peoples, willing to know the new knowledge no matter from where, when and from whom, is the most successful person to implement...
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