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  • Published : September 1, 2013
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Qn: Is there still a place for print media today?

Intro paragraph: Print media has been becoming more and more obsolete nowadays, with the rise of digital media where information and news is conveyed almost immediately. There is a rapid rise in the various types of media and print media like newspapers and magazines are becoming less and less utilized. However, the print media still occupies a significant place in the world in modern time, where it may be seemed as an alternate form of media to some but still relevant in modern society.

SV Paragraph: Having been invented in the 15th century, print media has been prevalent in the society ever since then and has since become an integral part of our lives. Print media has become so widely used that it has been integrated into our lifestyles, into a resource we rely on for our daily dosage of information and news in terms of newspapers. There are still large portions of population who are not as tech-savvy as the new generation and are hence unable to access other forms of media like digital media and they then depend on print media as their link to the world. In this aspect, it shows that print media is not absolutely abolished but it is based upon personal preferences. To many, reading print media, for example a newspaper that is tangible harnesses more enjoyment than reading from an electronic device as it brings about a different feeling. Take for example the older generations, even if they do know how to use electronic devices like smartphones to access the daily news, most of them would prefer to read it from the daily newspapers where they have been getting the news for the past years of their lives. Print media does still play a relevant in society today and is still available.

OV Paragraph: Demand for digital media has been increasing and this is partly because the use of print media uses a large amount of paper daily. Wastage of paper in the world in modern day is very common as there are millions...