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'School children should not have long holidays'. Do you agree ?

R-i-i-i-ng! The bell signaled the beginning of the six week long school holidays. The pupils burst into a loud cheer, thinking of the break they would have from dreary school lessons. "Freedom!" they shouted. The teachers heaved a soft sigh of relief. They would also be glad for the freedom that the holidays will bring.

Teachers have a very stressful job, keeping a classroom of children in the seats for a whole school day. Some of these children may be hyperactive, some may be badly behaved or uncontrollable. Their own parents may be unable to cope with just one of them, yet teachers have to deal with as many as forty children at a time. Furthermore, a teacher's job is tedious and monotonous. They have to prepare lessons day in and day out, standing in front of one class after another. The long holidays will give them a chance to relax and recharge their batteries. Furthermore, teachers can attend courses during the long holidays. These courses will give them more ideas, skills and inspiration.

Long holidays also give a break to the children, who active by nature, are cooped up for hours in a stuffy classroom. Then, after school, they are faced with piles of homework. On top of that, some children have to attend extra tuition in subjects they are weak in, or extra lessons in piano, violin, or guitar, ballet, or martial arts.

With so many structured activities, some children have no time to choose their own leisure pursuits. They have no time to "stand and stare". They also lack the time to bond with their family members, and relatives. The long holidays would give them the opportunity to go on holidays with the family; perhaps they can even spend time with relatives who live far away. They can also take part in other enriching activities, such as educational trips to a foreign country, or attend youth camps, such as Outward Bound, which will help in character development.

Yet, we...
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