Hunger Games

Topics: Third World, Ancient Rome, Ancient history Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Kenneth Gregg
Mrs. Clevenger
The Hunger Games compared to the real world
After watching this movie it really makes anyone think wow we have it good in America. All of the societies it makes me think of are not good ones in my opinion. Or that the comparisons it makes me think of are the problems with societies. The barbaric gladiator games of Rome was the first thing that jumped out at me due to The Hunger Games, then the weaponry and the society in the movie made me think of medieval times, how the capital had all the power and control makes me think of how many nations and countries of the world are, finally how there was no guns in the movie made me think of England and how it has outlawed guns. The whole concept of The Hunger Games really makes me think of the gladiator games of ancient Rome. In Rome the gladiators were slaves and in the Hunger Games they were citizens of the 12 districts. The citizens were not slaves but if they were picked for being in the Hunger games they could not refuse it so they may as well have been a slave to it. Also in both it is a fight to the death and there can be only one. In the movie however they change the rules so that they can be two winners. In the gladiator games though it was usually one on one battle or a reenactment of a famous battle so it was either one winner a group win. In both I find it to be very barbaric and I can understand it a little more in an ancient civilization I feel they really did not know any better.

The weaponry in the movie made me think of medieval times. Swords, bows, and javelins are in the movie and the use of these weapons can be traced back to ancient times. Me personally when I see swords I think of knights. Also in the medieval time mostly the elite nobles or lords had all of the power and the common person was basically a slave on the land that he or she lived on. In the movie the capital ruled over everyone and that made me think of medieval times as well....
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