Journey With George A Satire

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  • Published : March 15, 2015
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Journeys with George Reflection
Alexandra Pelosi artfully encapsulates the relationship between the media and presidential candidates in her documentary ​
Journeys with George​
as she follows the then
Governor George W. Bush on his campaign for the Republican Party nomination and then for the presidency. The daughter of Nancy Pelosi, a distinguished Democrat, former Speaker of the House, and current House Minority leader, Alexandra Pelosi offers a refreshing and somewhat humorous perspective on Bush’s presidential campaign as her political views clash with his.

I found it to be interesting how important the primaries were for Bush. For a while, it seemed that McCain was going to win the Republican nomination, and Bush’s chances were not looking strong. However, Bush spent an immense amount of time in Iowa, a key state because it marks the beginning of the primaries/caucuses. Whichever candidates emerge on the top after the Iowa caucus will receive the most media coverage, leading to more funding and, in effect, more votes for those candidates. From then, voters see the other candidates who emerged at the bottom of the pack slowly drop out of the election because the money they are spending, which is quite a lot, I might add (Bush mentions spending $70 million on the primaries alone), is simply going to waste. Because funding is so crucial in a campaign, Bush was seen leading many fundraisers for his cause. For instance, there was a dinner where the plates costed something like $1,000 and all went to the Bush campaign. Fundraisers like these certainly rack in the most money, but for Bush, every small donation counts. Individuals are key, and

they can donate up to $2,000 each. He needed funding for covering everything from his transportation to venues to food and even the creation of signs (which, by the way, are often not even created by the crowd attending events).

This documentary revealed the inner workings of the campaign, as well. For instance, the...