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  • Published : November 10, 2013
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ENG 185                             Fall 2013  Dr. Jon F. Dawson            
Office: I-2 Branham  
Office Hours: TR 1:45-3:00
Email: [email protected] 
Required Course Materials: 
Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises
All other readings will be available on Blackboard

Course Description: This class will develop your reading comprehension, vocabulary, academic writing, and critical-thinking skills. Working individually, within small groups, and as a class, you will learn to utilize the writing process to generate clear and well-developed sentences, paragraphs, responses, and essays. You will also refine your ability to analyze literary texts, learning about the basic principles that are important to critical writing and reading. These skills will enable you both to understand the complex issues that surround us and to act upon this knowledge.

Criteria for Success: 
Do not view this class as a throw-away requirement but instead recognize this course as an opportunity to refine your ability to think and to write about important issues in critical and effective ways with the support and encouragement of your peers.    Attend class regularly, arrive on time, with all electronic devices turned OFF, and stay for the entire period.  Complete all homework on time and come to class prepared to discuss readings and other assignments.   Complete all essays on time and provide all back-up materials required for each assignment.

Course requirements:  You will write three essays and a number of short pieces in this class. Essay assignments will vary in length from 1000 to 1500 words or approximately four to six pages. All essays will require first, second, and final drafts. Your classmates and instructor will comment on your drafts and provide suggestions for improvement. These should give you a clear idea of how much revision each piece needs. In addition, you will revise one of your first two essays and write a reflective introduction...