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Graft and corruption is a problem of the past, present and future public administrators, but with this article we have a grasp of things that actually happens in and out public offices. We cannot deny the fact that most if not all officials as well as rank and file employees are grafters and corruptors.             Graft and corruption is a rampant and wide malpractice among government agencies whether in the national, local, government-owned, or controlled cooperation’s. It is already a part of our culture, a bad habit, and foremost and among others, it is deeply rooted and embedded among the Filipinos.             Graft and corruption is one of many important and unresolved problems of a public administrator. Government officials are ruined by different kinds of people from elective to appointed, from permanent or regular to casuals, substitutes and contractual. They also differ in their skills, talents, personality, economic strata and values as a whole. Their needs depends to what position they actually hold, be it pure clerical to a money involved position that can abets graft and corruption.             Graft is the acquisition of money, position, etc by dishonest or questionable means, by taking advantage of public officer to obtain fees, perquisites, profits on contracts or legislation, or pay for work not done, or service not performed. It is singly committed.             Corruption is an improper consideration to commit a violation of duty, impairment of integrity, virtue or moral principle. It is done in collusion with others.             I therefore conclude that graft and corruption nowadays is relevant and widely practiced in and out of government offices, and that it is also rampant and already a system that cannot be eradicated overnight.             During the martial law period in the Marcos regime, it is evidently stopped or partly succeeded in the first three years (1972-1975), but once again, officials as well as employees go backsliding to the old ways. They do abuse of discretion and power, arrogance, aloofness as well as discourtesy in the performance of their duty.             And lastly, it is a form of way to acquire more wealth by conspiring with each other. This is done by merely cooperating with the heads of various departments and offices that are also corrupt.             There is a saying that “it is better to dance with the music” if you want to stay in your post. For if you don’t, chances are if the majority who are corrupt might get irritated with you, then there will time that they will find ways to terminate your services. Or if your not happy with the system, then, its time for you to resign and complain them.             So the impressions now for the government workers are that they are labeled and branded, grafters and corruptors. Even if the leadership is honest and dedicated to the people, if the people around him are corrupt, then there is no chance in the political situation. We only dressed the crocodile with the new suit. PCTC PAPER ON GRAFT AND CORRUPTION

In 1988, graft and corruption in the Philippines was considered as the "biggest problem of all" by Jaime Cardinal Sin, the Archbishop of Manila. Then President Corazon C. Aquino likewise despaired that corruption has returned. In 1989, public perception was that "corrupt government officials are greater threat to the country" than the communist guerrillas. In 1992, former President Fidel V. Ramos considered graft and corruption as the third major hindrance towards attaining his development strategy for the country. A decade later, in 1998, the country got good marks from Transparency International and the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy (PERC), LTD. The Philippines then placed 6th out of the 11 Asian countries surveyed under the PERC corruption perception index (CPI), a measure of lost development opportunities in terms of investment. However, while the...
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