Malcolm X

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  • Published : April 24, 2015
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English Essay
Malcolm X is one of the many who fought alongside for the rights of the black communities with justice and order. Malcolm was also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, he was soon converted to Islam after being released from prison for false charges of robbery. During this time he noticed that the black communities were being treated unfairly and that he had to take action about it. One of his most inspirational speeches given to a large crowd was “The Ballot or The Bullet”. Malcolm then become an activist to seek rights for blacks, he shared many ideas during this speech which proved to be right. The speech itself was one of the most literate speeches ever given to a large crowd and was ranked 7th best of the top 100 American speeches. Malcolm deliberately used rhetorical terms, figurative language, and smart ideas to enhance the speech itself with the ideas that accompany it. Rhetorical terms such as antithesis, synecdoche and so on were used to empower the speech itself into making people consider it. Figurative Language like similes and metaphors also took place during the speech to enhance his ideas. His ideas were lined up and organized with a way a problem and a solution to conclude them in each one. Analyzing the speech itself may give more in depth material about him, about the conditions of the blacks, about the goals he set for, and even about his use of language.

Many rhetorical terms were use in “The Ballot or The Bullet” that strengthened the connection of the speech to the audience. The terms were used with such profoundness, the speech was held up by their richness. One of these terms is the anaphora, examples of this are like “We must understand the politics of our community and we must know what politics is supposed to produce. We must know what part politics play in our lives.” The repetition of the phrase “we must” at the beginning of every clause/statement makes this an anaphora. Another example is “But if we keep our...