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Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: July 11, 2014
Malcolm X was one of the most influential african american in history. He was born on May 19, 1925 in North Omaha, Nebraska, he became a Muslim minister and human right activist.

Malcolm’s early life of growing up was very difficult. His father who was a Baptist minister and a black national leader, was assassinated by an organization called black region when he was only six years old. His mother suffered from emotional breakdown and was committed to a mental institution. In 1946 at the age of 20 Malcolm committed burglary and was sentenced to jail for 10 years. This led him to educate himself during his time in jail and eventually converted him to muslim faith, Malcolm joined Nation of Islam (NOI) and began to study the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X originally fought for black power in place of integration and racial equality, but after pilgrimage in Mecca, he rejected his former separatist beliefs and advocated world brotherhood. Malcolm became well known on the streets for preaching equality. He wanted things to be one hundred percent fair between Blacks and Whites, yearning for equal job opportunities, equal wages, equal educational opportunities and equality on a day to day basis. He blamed racism on Western culture and urged African Americans to join with sympathetic whites to bring to an end. In February 1965, he was killed by members of the Nation of Islam due to leaving the organisation. But even in death, his teachings lived on in the rhetoric of other black power organizations including the Black Panther Party.

Malcolm X’s beliefs and teachings are linked to author Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ as the character Tom Robinson; the black man who was accused of raping Mayella Ewell, falsely accused for the crime by Bob and Mayella Ewell. Atticus knows the man is innocent and proves as much but despite his efforts, the racism in jury’s mind wins. Tom is sentenced to death, however Atticus believes that they may have a chance to...
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