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Topics: High school, High school diploma, Project management Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Asael Chavez
14502 CR 496, Tyler, TX 75706
(H) (903)-882-9762 (C) (903)-530-1697 (E) [email protected] Career Profile
My best skill is to paint. I can paint anything. I have about 8 -10 years of experience. I started painting with my uncle and I am still working with him in the company he works in named
Espinoza Paint Brother. I am also experienced with building
houses. I know all it takes to build a house and have actually helped build some. I am a 6 year musician. I am in 2 Christian bands. I know everything their is to music. I know how to work a mixing console, every kind of power, and every kind of

Key Skills
Interior design
Studio management
Industrial and commercial
painting experience
Fluent in Spanish and
Music Technician

Video Recorder
Music Recorder
Video Maker
Music Maker
Computer Whiz
Project planning
Overhead cranes and
forklift operation
Project plans and reports
Helper in any way

I have won a scholarship in a architect design I made for an architect. I have sold a house plan and received 500 dollars for it. I have played with my band in other states. I have also been in 2 music albums with my band. I have made and recorded about

100 videos in my church alone.
06/2005 Current

Espinosa Paint Brother - Tyler, TX
I am a good and recognized worker. I am always on time and
only miss work if it is something real important


Lindale High School - Lindale, TX, United States
High School Diploma: Basic high school courses

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