on the side walk bleeding

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  • Published : November 10, 2013
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On the sidewalk bleeding by evan hunter is a short story about a teenage boy named andy. Andy gets stabbed violently and no-one would stop to help him as he was a member of a violent gang called ‘The Royals’. You normally wouldn’t feel any sympathy for Andy because he was a proud member of his gang. In this essay I will write about one idea in the text that I find interesting which is how the author makes us feel sympathy for someone we normally wouldn’t. After Andy was stabbed in a dark alley way a drunk man walked passed him. He saw Andy lying there. The drunk man thought Andy was drunk too, so he offered him alcohol and then walked right passed him. A while later a couple walked passed him and took no notice of Andy ether. Then a while later an elderly woman when out to her bin saw Andy an took no notice of him. He was left to die as no one liked the Royals. Everyone who went passed left Andy. This would normally not make us fell any sympathy for him but because no one even acknowledged him that makes us feel sympathy for Andy. Also we feel sympathy for Andy because he had his life planed with his girlfriend Laura. They were to have children together and move into a new house together. That makes us feel sympathy for Andy as after he saw the couple it suddenly reminded him about his life with Laura. One way the author makes us feel sympathy for Andy is by showing us he misses Laura. The author does this is by the range of words put in the short story. One of the most effective sentences is ’The tears springing to his eyes’ this is effective because the word ’springing’ shows how sudden the reaction of the tears. It is also effective because it shows how much Andy misses Laura. He was stabbed on his way to the shop. It also shows how much Andy misses Laura as the sentence ’he hungered for her mouth’. this makes us fell sympathy for Andy as he will never get to kiss Laura again . The word ‘hungered’ is effective because it shows he needs her to survive. It...