Organized Crime Paper

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  • Published : January 5, 2015
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Personal Perception Of Organized Crime Paper
Tatiana Cline
December 1, 2014
Facilitator Hall

Personal Perception Of Organized Crime Paper
Statistic show that a majority of crimes committed in the United States are crimes of opportunity, passion, or convenience. Most crimes committed are for ones own selfish reasoning. These crimes are known as street crimes of unorganized crime, crimes like these are considered unpredictable and sporadic. These crimes are hard to solve because the evidence is not always clear. Factors such as gender, racial class, and social class play a large role in crime solving. Investigators often look for patterns are reoccurring incidence, disorganized crime does not always have predominate clues to go off of.

Personal definition of Organized Crime
I would describe organized crime as a fascination by some. Some would say that is how one gets involved in organized crime. People of all communities are concerned with organized crime at one point or another. There are many movies and shows that have molded peoples opinions and views of organized crime. Some movies and television shows are more accurate than others. However, every person’s view of organized crime differs. When I think of organized crime I think of the drug cartel or scarface and the mafia. Some people believe it is just made up but these are actual real life crimes that happen everyday. The definition of organized crime to me is a group of people with an objective. In order to reach that objective they have made a structured plan. The people involved with these crimes basically run a business. The professionals are extremely accurate and precise with every move they make. Some people have been doing this all their life. It is their life, it is how they support their family. Organized crime members main concern is money. Drug smugglers are bringing drugs into different countries for a large payoff. Is the risk worth the outcome? These individuals seem to think so. Organized crime is so much more than that drug cartel or the mafia. It includes prostitution, human trafficking, illegal gambling, money laundering, the list goes on and on. In the end all these organizations have the same goal; large amounts of money and control. Personal perception of organized crime versus the book definition

My perception slightly differs from the definition in the readings. It has become clear to me that one definition really can not cover the entire concept of organized crime. However, the general definition is similar to my definition of organized crime. According to the reading it states that “organized crime may be defined as two or more persons conspiring together on a regular continuing and secretive basis with the intention of committing a more serious crime to obtain financial or material benefit”("Organized Crime", 2014). Very similar to what my perception of organized crime reads previously.

Organized crime unlike disorganized crime is not sporadic, each and every aspect of the crime is planned out. Perhaps weeks, month, even years in advance of it actually taking place. The term organized crime is used to differentiate the types of crimes. It is common to see individuals working alone in certain crimes such as home burglaries, auto theft, vandalism and such. However, one would very rarely see an organized crime worked alone. Characteristic associated with Organized Crime

There are many different characteristics associated with organized crime. Most people who have researched organized crime would agree that the members of the crime organization are typically ranked by hierarchy. There is always a boss and then the people that work for the boss. There are usually a set of rules and regulations every member must follow. If these members see anything they should not have seen they must vow to silence. They are threatened with blackmail and even murder. Every...