Personal Ethical Statement

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Even though blind spots and weaknesses in ethics can hinder outcomes, improving and using my ideals with compassion and care for others will benefit the community. Completing the Ethical Lens Inventory activity put into perspective areas of my ethics and how decisions I make may affect my outcomes. This exercise made me look at myself as if through someone else’s eyes by showing me my preferred ethical lens, blind spot, strengths and weaknesses, my values, and the resulting behaviors. My personal preferred lens is ‘Rights – Responsibility and Results Lens’. Stating I balance my reasoning skills and intuition to determine how to complete my duties while achieving the greatest good for each individual. Looking at myself in that light, I can see that I look ahead to see what needs completed and how best to accomplish the task with the most favorable results. I had a tremendous amount of responsibility at a young age, that of head cook and bottle washer. All this was on me at 11, because my parents divorced, and I lived with my father. Being the oldest of four children, besides making good grades in school, I was also responsible for the household and the care of my siblings. My blind spot is ‘Belief that motive justifies method or your own good is good enough’. This states that once my own needs are met I can become complacent possibly leaving the problem unresolved and everyone fending for them self. This can cause pain in others, as I am too focused on my good motive. Because I tend to believe that everyone is accountable for themselves, once my needs are accomplished I just let them go. The responsibilities placed on me as a young child molded me for both my ethical strengths and weaknesses. I value balance and restraint to complete my duties and demonstrate wisdom, foresight, optimism, imagination, and the gift of entrepreneurship. I need order and organization with clear outcomes otherwise I become stressed. If I have a clear understanding regarding...